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Meet Paul Kordon

PDR guy since 1999 and contributor to the industry with his PDR tool designs (some of you are probably using his designs now and don’t know it)… But most famously known for his invention of the PDR price guide, which has been widely adopted across national and international markets. Mobile Tech RX developed his price guide into what is now known as Price-A-Dent in their software.

Paul is still recognized as the industry leader on estimating, pricing, and negotiating, and gets to practice all of these in his own PDR business called Dent Shop. Paul has had the privilege to work with many in the PDR industry through in-person and virtual seminars and podcasts. He has also had worked with groups from the collision world such as Mike Anderson from Collision Advice, Chris Stanley with IAPath (an independent adjuster group), and Geico corporate training center to name a few.

Paul is a speaker, trainer, coach, leader, and well-respected technician.